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Rats can transmit a lot of diseases; their bites bring about rat-bite fever and their urine can lead to leptospirosis, a dangerous illness that harms your liver and kidney. They can also be allergen sources.

Their droppings affect people negatively, causing them to sneeze and giving them allergic reactions. Their nests can threaten the structural integrity of many buildings and their eating habits can be very ruinous.

pest control Arlington TX

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Despite having huge impacts on both your health and property, rats can be secretive and you might not notice them when they’re few. If you notice possible signs of a rat infestation, please call us today to help eliminate the problem.

You might ask “Where can I find local pest control near me?” or “Do we have any pest control companies near me?” – One of the Top Pest Control Companies Arlington TX is servicing around Arlington TX area, fully equipped to fix pest issues.

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